March 31, 2016

    Her Orgasm Is Not About You – Deadspin

    By / March 31, 2016

    Her Orgasm Is Not About You
    On top of all of that, some have to deal with partners who are making them feel guilty for not yet knowing how to orgasm. It's even gotten to the point where a single orgasm isn't enough; women feel that men want them to have multiple orgasms or
    Would you record your orgasms with this bizarre new sex toy?Daily Star

    Can I Use Science/The Internet To Learn How To Give Myself Multiple Orgasms In A Week?The Debrief

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    3 Reasons You Should Date Windsor Escorts

    By / March 28, 2016

    I am surprised that a lot more local gents do not date Windsor escorts in The girls who work in this part of the UK are just as good as many London escorts, and I have always been happy with the service from my local escorts service. We should all try to support our local escorts services as it is good for the community. A lot of people are always talking about how to fix the local economy. Well, there is only one way that you can do that, and that is by spending your money locally. I am sure that most people can see the sense in that.

    However, there are more obvious reasons why you should date Windsor escorts. The main reason why I always date Windsor girls instead of dashing off to London all of the time, is because I think that they are the classiest ladies that I have ever met. Sure, the girls in central London in places like Knightsbridge are stunning, but do they have class? I am not sure that all ladies in central London have real class and style, but I do know that the girls here in Windsor do. One of the best reasons to date the ladies here in Windsor as far as I am concerned.

    Also, a lot of the escorts in Windsor are British. It is not easy to find an English born escort in central London today. I have tried many times when I have had business functions in London, but I am afraid to say that I have never been successful. These days, I ask my lovely ladies from Windsor escorts to come to London when I need to put on any business functions in London. But, I have to say that I prefer to hold my functions here in Windsor these days.

    You can never go wrong with the girls from Windsor escorts as they are home in any environment. I have met escorts allover the world, but I cannot say that all of the ladies that I have met have been at home in any situation. Once you start dating the lovely ladies here in Windsor, I do promise you that you will never feel out of place with one on your arm. Unlike other escorts, they know exactly how to dress, and they don’t care if the date take to the tennis club, or a fine restaurant. They are equally at home where ever they go.

    I love my Windsor escorts, and you can only call them fine filly so to speak. Most of the chaps that I know do appreciate the finer things in life. To be honest, the only way that I can think of describing the special ladies here in Windsor is to compare them to the best of the best. We all know that the best of the best means. It is English strawberries on a summer day, or a good day out at the regatta in Henley. In short, they are just what a chap needs!…

    This Artist’s Video Is Destroying Your Perception of a Woman’s Vagina – ATTN

    By / March 25, 2016

    This Artist's Video Is Destroying Your Perception of a Woman's Vagina
    There's a double standard for talking about men's and women's sexuality. People make cum jokes all the time, and then are horrified to hear about vaginal discharge or menstrual blood. Progress has definitely been made with the word "vagina." Projects

    Do we need sex tech to ‘demystify’ the female orgasm? – The Guardian

    By / March 10, 2016

    The Guardian
    Do we need sex tech to 'demystify' the female orgasm?
    The Guardian
    My orgasm is not, perhaps, as mysterious as some believe. Biologists and researchers have looked in depth at many different things – how to tempt us into bed, for instance, or whether we can actually ejaculate when we get there. Some brave women have …

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