May 24, 2016

    How to orgasm – get the perfect female orgasm for Masturbation Month – Metro

    By / May 24, 2016

    How to orgasmget the perfect female orgasm for Masturbation Month
    Sex is not all about orgasms. You can still have a great time without having one. Sex is not a goal-based activity that's only being 'done right' if you both have an earth-shattering climax. The female orgasm is not activated through the pressing of a

    Sensational escorts

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    I am traveling to London in a couple of weeks time and I am going to be staying in north London. Dating escorts in London is something that my friends always talk about but they tell me that there are no escorts services in north London. Do I actually need to travel all the way into central London to date escorts? That sounds a bit like hard work to me and I am not so sure that it is going work out for me at all. By the time I finish my meetings, it will be later and I don’t fancy coming back late at night.


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    Here in London we have many different styles of dating. Of course, regular one to one dating is still popular but don’t forget to check out things like duo dating and escorts for couples. If you are traveling as a single gent, escorts for couples is not for you unless you have a girlfriend in London. Duo dating is something that you should consider and Romford escorts service is one of the best agencies to find young and fresh duo dating escorts. I am sure that it would be an experience that you could treasure for a very long time.


    Role play is also very popular with the vixens at Romford escorts. It is becoming very popular here in London and the girls in Romford do have a different take on duop dating that I am sure that you will enjoy. Many of the girls have special characters that they have made up themselves. I am sure that you would be delighted to meet many of the new characters that you can find here in Romford.


    Are Romford escorts enhanced? Lots of gents contact us and ask if a certain group of escorts are enhanced and it seems to be a major concern. If you are looking for girls who are genuine and have not been enhanced, it is better to look at places like Romford. Many of the girls who work in central London have been enhanced and that is not what a lot of gents look for these days. Some gents say that dating has become a very negative experience since enhancement surgery became so widely used. The girls at Romford escorts are very natural and many of them have not had any work done at all. Perhaps the girls at Romford escort service are exactly what you are looking for.…

    This is what a woman needs to reach orgasm, according to gynecologists – NAIJ.COM

    By / May 13, 2016

    This is what a woman needs to reach orgasm, according to gynecologists
    Up to 15% of all women do not experience orgasms. I am a gynecologist and I've had a fair share of patients with the same complaint. Every one of them would ask me what was wrong with them. The first question I would ask was “Does your partner know …

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    Increasing number of women are having orgasms during childbirth, study suggests – The Independent

    By / May 6, 2016

    The Independent
    Increasing number of women are having orgasms during childbirth, study suggests
    The Independent
    However, new research has suggested that far from being painful, child birth can have the reverse effect on some women. A survey by the Positive Birth Movement and Channel Mum has found that six per cent of women say they have had an orgasm during …
    'I was on fire and pulsing' – The surprising truth about women who orgasm during

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