November 28, 2016

    Here’s Another Perk To Being Single: It Could Mean You Have More Orgasms – Refinery29

    By / November 28, 2016

    Here's Another Perk To Being Single: It Could Mean You Have More Orgasms
    The good news is, women of every relationship status had more orgasms over time, supporting the theory that sex gets better with age. … If they expect sparks to fly automatically, they may not make the effort necessary to satisfy their partners or

    How to make her orgasm: Three sex positions to avoid – Daily Star

    By / November 21, 2016

    Daily Star
    How to make her orgasm: Three sex positions to avoid
    Daily Star
    In short, this means there are lots of unsatisfied women out there. One of the problems is, some sex positions make an orgasm hard to come by. "Many men prefer sex positions where they can control penetration and often these positions are not clitoral

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    Isle Dogs escorts hot and ready to trot on a Saturday Night

    By / November 18, 2016

    We are coming up to another Saturday night, and I know the lovely girls here in Isle Dogs are going to be hot and ready to trot. Saturday night is my date night. It is the one night every week that I set aside just to please myself. We all need nights like that. It is good to be able to have some time out, and spend it indulging yourself. That is what I do every Saturday night when I meet up with my sexy and stunning Isle Dogs escorts. I am sure that many gents around the country do the same.

    The only problem is that it is so hard to choose which one of the lovely Isle Dogs escorts to take out. All of the girls are just as stunning. Sitting here looking at the web site, I have a hard time to choose between Angel orLoulou. Both of the girls are stunning, and I have always enjoyed my dates with Loulou in the past. However, Angel is new to the agency and she looks like such a dream. Sometimes it can just be nice to meet a new girl. I do have my favorite girls, but I am also one of those gents who like to adventure into the unknown from time to time.

    At the moment, Angel is looking at me with those beautiful blue eyes. Her blonde golden locks are falling seductively over her breasts, and I could just imagine spending a couple of hours with her. Reading about her, it sounds like she could be a lot of fun as well. She says that she has an adventurous spirit, and likes to make the most of her time with you. That sounds exactly like that sort of girl I wouldn’t mind spending a couple of hours with on a Saturday night.

    I must admit I find it hard to choose an escort. All of the girls at Isle Dogs escorts are sexy goddesses. It doesn’t matter if you like to date brunettes or blondes, Isle Dogs escorts is one of those agencies that can cater for most gents and most states. Sadly they don’t have any Asian escorts. A couple of my mates have been dating Asian escorts and they say that Asian girls are super hot. My mates also say that the Asian girls they have met so far, are very broadminded, and spending time with them has been a pleasure.

    Perhaps I should have word with the boss at Isle Dogs escorts to see if he is planning to bring in any Asian girls. I have been using the agency for quite some time now, and I know Alan really well. Probably if enough gents requested Asian escorts, Alan would arrange for at least one hot Asian girls to date through the agency. Still, back to tonight’s problem. Should I go for the safe option with Loulou or should I make a date with the hot Angel, She looks like she may want to be my own little sexy Angel tonight.…

    7 Best BDSM Sex Positions To Make Submissive Women Orgasm – YourTango

    By / November 3, 2016

    7 Best BDSM Sex Positions To Make Submissive Women Orgasm
    "This is called 'orgasm denial' and is a very powerful way of ramping up the energy for the actual orgasm when the man allows it a few times later in the BDSM sex session. Another variation on this is, the woman is not allowed to have an orgasm without

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    20 Sex Positions That’ll Get Her Off Every Time – Men’s Fitness

    By / November 1, 2016

    Men’s Fitness
    20 Sex Positions That'll Get Her Off Every Time
    Men’s Fitness
    "Women know that most guys want them to reach O-land, and they don't want to disappoint," says Dorian Solot, a sex educator and co-author of I Love Female Orgasm: An Extraordinary Orgasm Guide. "So all too often, women fake orgasms, or just let their …

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