Memories of Queen Victoria with Victoria escorts

Queen Victoria was one of the most interesting royalties in recent times. Was she so sweet and innocent as she made out to be? The girls at Victoria escorts don’t seem to think so, and many of the girls seem to think that Queen Victoria was a bit of a nymphomaniac. After her beloved Albert dies, it is rumoured that the Queen Victoria had numerous lovers, and also left many gents standing in the wings hoping for an audience with Queen Victoria. It certainly sounds like Queen Victoria was a very interesting lady.


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One thing is for sure, the girls at Victoria escorts know that Queen Victoria was not such an innocent. She may have been head over heels in love with Albert, but even before Albert, there were numerous rumours that she had enjoined secret encounters with lovers. Of course in later life, it became well known that the Queen may have had an affair with a Scottish page that she adored. Whether they had a sexual relationship or not is not unclear, but it was certainly known around the court of Queen Victoria that she adored her Scottish page. When he died, she was said to have been heartbroken.



The Queens children were also associated with escorts in and around London. It is not clear if any of her sons dated Victoria escorts, but one of her sons were well known for his visits to the East End. As a matter of fact, a few years ago, it became rather public knowledge that he visited the East End on several occasions and was even linked to Jack the Ripper. There is even some evidence that he was even at one time suspected of being Jack the Ripper. But like anything else in Royal circuits, this idea was quickly hushed up.


The girls who work for Victoria escorts today, are less likely to date famous people. Most of the gents who like to date girls Victoria escorts in London, are local or international business men. Once these hot ladies were the exclusive sexy companions of both British and European Royalty, but all of that has changed now. Today, we probably know a lot less about the secret and not so discreet pleasure so Royalty. After all, why did Prince William recently visit one of his old girlfriends in Kenya? It really makes you think what is going in in today’s Royal family.


We all like a bit of gossip, and like the girls at Victoria escorts say, it does not matter if this gossip is old or new. It is exciting all the same and the girls at the agency love the fact that we still find historicgossip exciting. Will we ever know the truth? It is unlikely that we will ever know the truth about all of the exciting goings on during the Reign of Queen Victoria. However, it is unlikely that we will ever get tired of making up theories and participating in a little bit of historic gossip.

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