How do you describe sexual pleasure?

    By / February 18, 2017

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    Oral Sex For Women: Tips All Men Need To Know

    By / September 21, 2015

    Every woman wants a man who can please them in bed; however, there are some men who just fall short. Contrary to common belief, the way a man uses their tongue and mouth don’t always work to turn a woman on. If your man is falling short in this department chances are, oral sex is simply uncomfortable. The good news is, all hope isn’t lost. Some tips that will ensure a successful oral endeavor for everyone are found here.

    Find out what your partner likes

    Many men are too afraid to ask their lady what they like for fear of sounding inexperienced. However, taking the time to ask can improve the experience for everyone involved.

    Don’t jump to the vagina right away

    While it may be tempting to jump in – head first – this is not the best option. Start by getting a woman worked up and turned on. This can be done with kissing and touching, just about anywhere on the body; our bodies are filled with millions of touch receptors and kissing the entire body can drive a person wild, male or female! Oral sex is much more than just going down on her.

    Take it slow

    Once you finally make it to the vagina and clit, it is a good idea to take it slow. Gently lick around the vagina. There is no need to be rough with her unless that is what she likes. While some women like oral sex a bit rougher, you should only do this if requested.

    Attempt the reverse hug method

    If you are in pretty good shape, this will not be difficult. Hold her upside down in front of you with your shoulders and head resting on the bed and her back against your stomach and chest. Hold her up so that there is not excessive pressure on her neck and wrap your arms around her stomach. This provides the perfect angle for stimulation.

    The fact is, there are quite a few options when it comes to oral sex and extreme pleasure. The secret to being great at oral sex is to find out what your significant other enjoys. This applies to both men and women. Take the time to learn what turns them on and then oral sex will be unbelievable for you both. Remember, don’t rush things, take it slow and get in tune with one another’s bodies; doing this will pay off with extreme pleasure.

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